If you’ve tried other change processes, you’ll find that the Intruequest® approach is different.  We focus on seeking sustainable solutions, while equipping you to deal with what’s right in front of you.  We help you identify what’s missing in your current situation, that puzzle piece that keeps you or your organization from achieving your goals.  We guide you through a process that involves exploring and understanding multiple realities and perspectives, expanding your view of what’s true and what’s possible. Now with deep insight, you have access to solutions you may not have considered before and are mobilized to execute them.  In short, we take you on your own true quest for optimal results.

Our approach is anchored by a belief that growth—for individuals, groups, and organizations—is best supported through useful interaction with each other and with us.  Delivering consulting services that meet your needs, strategic direction, and organizational stage of development requires a high degree of collaboration and partnership. Our interaction with you creates a rich field for your learning. Our skill is in facilitating these collaborative, interactive experiences that get to the core of your ability to take your performance to the next level.  We are in there with you, and bringing what’s missing so that you can be more effective. The Intruequest Creed infuses everything we do for our clients.
Intruequest® Work is Uniquely:
Tailored to you
We partner with you to define your objectives and create an approach that best serves you. We donít use formulas or canned approaches.

Integrally informed
We help you understand and work through the complexities of organizational life to build integrated, holistic solutions.

Highly collaborative
We foster real-time engagement and learning that leave you with new capability instead of dependency.

If you don't gain something of value by working with us, you don't pay for our service.