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Partners Network

Who we are
We are an extraordinary network of talented organizational effectiveness consultants and executive coaches from around the globe. We each have advanced degrees, multiple certifications and credentials, and decades of experience. We operate from a shared set of values and learning philosophy. With unique styles and experiences, we can match a wide range of client needs.
We believe:
  • When people are fully engaged, much more is possible.
  • An enriching, satisfying work experience fosters commitment, creativity, and excellence.
  • There is truth in all of our realities.
  • There is value in all of our perspectives.
  • Clarity comes from understanding multiple realities and perspectives.
  • Our greatest limitations are the ones we place on ourselves.
  • We are all doing the best we can in any given moment.
  • Growth often takes courage and the willingness to be uncomfortable.
  • The best direction is most often the one that offers mutual benefit.
  • Our approach impacts the bottom line.
Intruequest Creed
We promise to:
  • Fully engage with you
  • Honor what is important to you
  • Hold your trust
  • Commit to only what we can deliver
  • Deliver what we promise